Our Clients

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  • 3M

    The name 3M is synonymous with innovation. When they opened their ‘Innovation Centre’ to showcase their vast array of technologies and products they chose the Zap Kiosk to help guests navigate and search their entire catalogue.

  • Accor

    Formule 1 hotels wanted to give their guests the option of unattended check-in, and anytime booking – night or day. Abuzz designed and built an integrated solution (hardware and software) that allows guests to pay and collect their room key from an outdoor kiosk, Australia-wide.

  • Aristocrat

    Abuzz have provided multiple kiosk solutions including our Sparc for Aristocrat. The kiosks are used as loyalty and reward centres for patrons of the Aristocrat gaming systems. They are fully integrated with their points system.

  • Audi

    The fastest-growing premium brand in the country asked us to design and build a solution to generate quality sales leads. Housed on our Sparc Kiosk, it allowed people in high-traffic locations, such as Sydney Airport, to enter a competition to win a car. Information entered on the touchscreen was instantly sent to a CRM. A very cost-effective marketing tool.

  • Australia Council For The Arts
    Australia Council For The Arts

    The Alexander Library Building, in the Cultural Centre of Perth, chose Zap Kiosks to provide visitors with information and a searchable catalogue of the contents of the centre.

  • Australia Post
    Australia Post

    How does one of Australia’s largest retail networks continue to meet customers’ changing needs? Over the years Abuzz has been integral to Australia Post’s commitment to innovation. We’ve provided retail kiosks, queuing solutions and Human Resources applications…to name a few.

  • Australian Government Department of Defence
    Australian Government Department of Defence

    Signing up to the Navy, Army or Air Force is a big decision, with many questions to be answered. As part of their recruitment effort the Department of Defence chose to install our kiosks in mobile vans to provide vital information to potential recruits.

  • Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
    Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

    In international airports across the country, this initiative of the Australian Government allows travellers to check the latest information and warnings on their destination. From our Sparc Kiosk they can print the information to read on their flight. This solution utilises our Search Web Browser technology.

  • Australian Stock Exchange
    Australian Stock Exchange

    Abuzz provided kiosks for the Australian Stock Exchange, utilising a secure web browser to allow clients to navigate stock prices and information without access to the general internet.

  • Australian Technology Park
    Australian Technology Park

    On almost 14 hectares, the Australian Technology Park hosts leading IT, communications and science companies. Our Wayfinding Solution gives their many visitors easy-to-follow directions, and helps them locate tenants at the touch of a button.

  • BHP Billiton
    BHP Billiton

    We provided two different solutions to mining giant BHP. The first, on our Zap Kiosk, is a way of visualising colour options for a range of steel products. For the second we modified the our kiosks to be dust-proof so it can be used in the mines. Staff use to access HR information such as rostering, and printing payslips.

  • BMW

    BMW needed a kiosk to help their customers visualise the many options available for their vehicle range. A customer can view a showroom car in other colours, watch videos and ‘build a BMW’. The salesperson can then print the configuration and supply a quote. Abuzz has subsequently built similar solutions for most of the car industry in Australia.

  • Colonial First State Property
    Colonial First State Property

    Abuzz have provided hundreds of Personnel Directories on our Zap Kiosk to allow visitors to the many properties, to lookup the person they wish to visit and dial their number so they can be greeted and taken into the secured meeting areas.

  • Commonwealth Bank
    Commonwealth Bank

    Abuzz have provided hundreds of Personnel Directories on our Zap Kiosk to allow visitors to the many properties, to lookup the person they wish to visit and dial their number so they can be greeted and taken into the secured meeting areas.

  • Competition Company
    Competition Company

    Abuzz built and installed hundreds of Sparc Kiosk in shopping centres nationally, running a touchscreen driven reward system developed by our partner, the Competition Company. The project has enjoyed huge success and is now expanding to Asia and the USA.

  • Crown Casino
    Crown Casino

    As one of Australia’s largest entertainment groups Crown Casino has over 7000 staff. To provide them with easy access to rostering and HR related information Abuzz provided
    kiosks fitted with dual thermal printer rolls and industrial strength stainless steel keyboards.

  • CSC

    Global IT services company, CSC, needed kiosks to provide miners with HR functions like rostering and payslip information. Abuzz provided modified dust-proofed kiosks, housing a PC for staff to use in the underground mines.


    The CSIRO is Australia’s national science agency and one of the largest and most diverse research agencies in the world. When they needed kiosks to run their own software and house a full duplex A4 colour printer, Abuzz supplied customised Sparc Kiosks for the job.

  • David Jones
    David Jones

    David Jones is continually striving to improve customer experience, and Abuzz has provided several merchandising solutions. These include Sparc Kiosks that help shoppers choose fragrances based on their personal tastes.

  • Dulux

    How do you see what thousands of different paint colour combinations look like without lifting a paintbrush? Abuzz designed the interface for the Dulux “MyColour” system. Online or in a kiosk, customers can upload a picture and paint it virtually with the colours of their choice.

  • ePay

    epay is the world’s largest electronic payments processor of prepaid mobile top-ups. They briefed Abuzz to design and build a mobile phone kiosk system that allows users to top-up their credit in-store without taking up the time of salespeople. The Sparc Kiosks are equipped to distribute a huge range of prepaid products. They accept EFTPOS, notes and coins, and give change to customers. Installed in Vodafone and Optus stores.

  • Federal Court of Australia
    Federal Court of Australia

    Abuzz provided information kiosks that run the Court Website through our Secure Browser. This means they can restrict visitor browsing to a specific selection of pages.

  • Foster’s Group
    Foster’s Group

    Australian beverage company Fosters wanted an in-store device to showcase their range of products. Abuzz provided Fosters-branded Zap Kiosks to bottle shops for visual merchandising, and to give customers information on their portfolio of brands.

  • Foxtel

    When the Foxtel IQ digital PVR set-top box was released Foxtel needed a way of demonstrating the new technology to the public. Abuzz modified the Zap Kiosk to include the Foxtel IQ box for retail stores and shopping centres. When customers picked up a remote control a demonstration was activated to show on-demand features like recording multiple shows at once, and forwarding and rewinding live TV.

  • Fuji Xerox
    Fuji Xerox

    Fuji Xerox has corporate offices in all capital cities and wanted to provide staff with easy access to information about all products and services. Abuzz provided Zap Kiosk with our Secure Browser solution allowing staff to navigate their website on the touchscreen.

  • Government of Western Australia Department of Culture and the Arts
    Government of Western Australia Department of Culture and the Arts

    Required a method of providing information to visitors of the library and cultural centre. Abuzz provided Zap Kiosks with our Secure Browser solution allowing visitors to navigate their website on the touchscreen kiosk.

  • GPT Group
    GPT Group

    The GPT Group required electronic wayfinding for their new residential and retail development in Sydney’s North West – Rouse Hill Town Centre. A semi-outdoor location, it hosts around 230 stores and 3000 car spaces. Abuzz supplied Edge Kiosks and our Wayfinder Software solution for high traffic areas within the complex.

  • Greater Union
    Greater Union

    Greater Union cinemas asked Abuzz to design a self-service ticketing solution to help reduce queueing times. The interface is extremely effective and easy for first-time users to navigate and use. Visitors can book and pay for tickets within a minute. And collect their pre-paid tickets within seconds.

  • Ibis Accor Hotels
    Ibis Accor Hotels

    Ibis Hotels, part of the Accor group, needed an automated indoor check-in and check-out facility. Abuzz designed and built a solution which includes custom touchscreen software combined with our Sparc Kiosk. Integrated peripherals include motorised card reader/dispenser/encoder for room keys and payments, EFTPOS facilities and a thermal receipt printer.

  • IGT

    IGT (International Gaming Technology) is the world’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of pokie machines, services and gaming systems. Abuzz has supplied many kiosks and solutions to IGT since 1997 including our Sparc and MPK Kiosks. They are generally used as entrance kiosks in clubs and as loyalty kiosks for gaming venues.

  • Kodak

    Abuzz first worked with Kodak during the Sydney Olympics in 2000. We supplied Sparc Kiosks allowing visitors to send a virtual “Kodak Moment” postcard to their friends and family for free. They were so popular that there were permanent queues outside them. Since then we’ve also worked on other projects including a card dispensing kiosk that prints your photograph on a magstripe card to use at events.

  • Macquarie University
    Macquarie University

    Opened in June 2010, Macquarie University Hospital is a state-of-the-art hospital featuring the latest technology. When they needed a way for visitors to easily locate wards, doctors and facilities in the multi-level building, Abuzz provided Edge Kiosks running our Wayfinder Software. The software is branded with the corporate image of the hospital.

  • McDonalds

    Abuzz has worked with McDonalds for many years. Our first project was to redesign the interface of their point-of-sale system. The brief was to make it friendly enough to be used by the public in a kiosk. Thus, decreasing serving time and increasing convenience. Housed in our MPK it allows the customer to order and pay, then collect a numbered ticket which is called when their order is ready.
    Abuzz are also a partner in the group Coates Digital, which provides digital media solutions to the quick service restaurant industry (QSR).

  • Mercedes-Benz

    Abuzz supplied kiosks to the Mercedes Benz showrooms at Sydney and Melbourne airports for Qantas travellers to check-in and print their boarding pass. We provided a solution with our Secure Web Browser within a Sparc Kiosk. It featured an A4 thermal printer and stainless steel keyboard branded with the Mercedes Benz logo.

  • National Australia Bank
    National Australia Bank

    National Australia Bank has over 40,000 staff operating more than 1,800 branches and service centres. Abuzz has supplied custom kiosk solutions including the Zap Kiosks equipped with our Personnel Directory to the NAB corporate offices. We’ve also supplied queuing solutions in their retail stores.

  • New South Wales Government
    New South Wales Government

    Abuzz has done many projects for the NSW Government and its related entities. One of our projects was for parliament itself. We installed Zap Kiosks running our Secure Web Browser software to restrict browsing to the websites chosen by parliament.

  • Nokia

    When Nokia chose Abuzz to develop a custom marketing solution, we installed kiosks at trade shows and in retail stores nationwide. Potential customers could browse the Nokia product range on special phones. They could then SMS details of the products to their own phones.
    Abuzz has also supplied queuing solutions for Nokia retail outlets.

  • Optus

    Optus asked Abuzz to design an easy way for customers to top-up prepaid credit in-store. The result is a transactional kiosk system which is easy to use and saves the time of salespeople. The Sparc Kiosks are branded in the distinctive Optus yellow with the logo embedded in the fascia.

  • Orica

    Abuzz designed the interface for the “Dulux MyColour” visualisation system allowing users online and on kiosks to see what thousands of different colour combinations look like without lifting a paintbrush.

  • P&O

    Abuzz provided the Sparc Kiosk to the P&O ports for wharf labourers and dockers to check their rostering, and access safety and general HR information.

  • Qantas

    Qantas needed a mobile check-in system and chose Abuzz to develop a custom design. The system allows Qantas to recheck passengers who have to change planes due to engineering faults – without them needing to go back out to the main check-in counters. It’s loaded with boarding pass printers and batteries to run for 8 hours in an emergency. Its heavy weight made it necessary to include a built-in breaking system.

  • Sky City Casino
    Sky City Casino

    Abuzz provided Sparc Kiosks for Sky City Casino to use as loyalty kiosks for their patrons. The kiosks house card readers and thermal printers for the loyalty application.

  • St George Bank
    St George Bank

    To improve customer experience, St George Bank asked Abuzz to provide MPK’s to their branches for queue management. Abuzz has supplied hundreds of kiosks to St George Bank and we also provide ongoing Support Services to help maintain their nationwide installations.

  • Star City Casino
    Star City Casino

    Abuzz has worked with Star City Casino since 1997. They have one of the largest selections of table games and electronic table games in the country, which often change position. So, Abuzz supplied Edge Kiosks with our Wayfinding Solution on the gaming floor to direct patrons to the various tables within the complex. We’ve also supplied Sparc Kiosks for HR and loyalty applications.

  • Sydney Airport
    Sydney Airport

    To better serve the millions of people who use Sydney Airport every year they chose our Edge Kiosks with our Wayfinder solution. The kiosks save precious time by directing travellers to shops, departure gates, amenities and services. Particularly useful for those unfamiliar with the airport. They are located both “curbside” and “airside” in the Sydney Airport Domestic Terminals.

  • Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre
    Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre

    Abuzz supplied Sparc Kiosks for selling general admission tickets to large events such as the Motor Show and the Boat Show. The kiosks have credit card facilities and visitors can select and print their tickets within seconds. These tradeshows exceed 200,000 people with a significant number opting to use the kiosks for speed and efficiency.

  • Sydney Olympic Park
    Sydney Olympic Park

    Sydney Olympic Park hosts a vast array of leisure and entertainment activities. To help visitors manage their time, Abuzz developed an itinerary and activity planner for the information centre. Our allowed vistors (including children) to “design your day” by selecting the attractions they want to see and print a map with a suggested itinerary. The touchscreen used a drag and swipe interaction well before iPhones were invented

  • Tabcorp

    Abuzz have supplied our MPK and Edge Kiosks for Loyalty and Wayfinding applications including Star City Casino in Sydney.

  • Telstra

    Abuzz has worked on both corporate and consumer projects with Telstra. Our Sparc Kiosks are used at the entrance of the Telstra Research Labs as security devices. A visitor can dial their contact from the kiosk and be seen by the staff member on a webcam. They’re allowed entry remotely once their identity is verified. The kiosks run our Personnel Directory Solution for the Telstra corporate offices. And a we’ve created a flower ordering application for mobile phones.

  • The University of Sydney
    The University of Sydney

    Abuzz provided wall-mounted MPK’s and Zap Kiosks to run Personnel Directories for the main University of Sydney campus. The directories are used to locate staff in multi-level buildings.

  • Ticketek

    Ticketek required web-based kiosks in their city stores to allow customers to book and print tickets for all types of music concerts, sports events and leisure activities. Abuzz supplied BBK’s fitted with stainless steel keyboards with trackball, and A4 thermal printers. Our Secure Web Browser software ensures they are secure and locked down for the public to use.

  • Toyota

    Toyota’s vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, and with a broad range of features. To help potential customers visualise the options available, they asked Abuzz for Sparc Kiosks to host a ‘virtual showroom’. Customers can select from the entire range of vehicles, customise them to any colours or options available, and print or email the configuration.

  • University of Queensland
    University of Queensland

    In one of our most challenging briefs, we were asked to deploy kiosks in some of the most remote locations in Australia. Designed to survey health issues in indigenous communities, our kiosks runs custom software which relays the information back to a central office for auditing. The challenge included overcoming severe network limitations and locations that take two days to access.

  • University of Technology Sydney
    University of Technology Sydney

    UTS needed information in their library to be easily accessed by students in wheelchairs. Abuzz took the challenge and designed and built a kiosk which can be positioned at any height and angle. Abuzz also designed the custom “Web Benches” for their new building in Ultimo, Sydney, that allow students to access the web in-between lectures.

  • UNSW

    NSW University Library needed a way of helping students to easily find books, facilities and study areas in the vast multi-storey library. Abuzz provided its Edge Kiosks with our Wayfinder Solution to solve the problem. In addition we are developing a mobile application for students to perform the same search functions via smartphones.

  • Ving Card
    Ving Card
    VingCard Elsafe provides electronic locks, in-room safes, and advanced energy management systems for hotels. Abuzz has supplied many kiosks and solutions to Vingcard including our Sparc Kiosks. They are generally used as entrance kiosks in hotels for quick hotel check in and check out solutions.
  • Virgin Atlantic
    Virgin Atlantic

    When Virgin launched its revolutionary Upper Class Suite in its new aircraft fleet, they chose Zap Kiosks for a custom marketing promotion. The kiosks were used in shopping centres to capture contact information of prospective customers.

  • Vodafone

    Vodafone asked Abuzz to design an easy way for customers to top-up prepaid credit in-store. The result is a transactional kiosk system which is easy to use and saves the time of salespeople. The Sparc Kiosks are branded in the distinctive Vodafone colours with the logo embedded in the fascia.

  • Volvo

    Volvo wanted a system to showcase their range of vehicles at tradeshows and in showrooms, and to perform lead-generation. The kiosks capture contact information of prospective customers – including email and phone numbers – along with the vehicles they’re interested in. This gives the sales team well qualified leads to follow-up.

  • Westfield

    Abuzz enjoys a great partnership with Westfield. We built the world’s first sophisticated interactive wayfinding system for their flagship Bondi Junction centre in 2003. Since then we’ve installed kiosks in many of their centres in Australia and USA.

    Case Studies

    Westfield Sydney City

    Westfield Parramatta

  • Westpac

    Abuzz has provided Personnel Directories for visitors to find and contact staff on secured levels of multi-storey buildings. We also developed and deployed a Meeting Room Display system on the Cisco phones allowing staff to see when the next meeting is within any of their 289 meeting rooms. The phones are updated and synchronised with their internal booking systems.

  • Woolworths

    To deliver a smarter shopping experience to Woolworths customers Abuzz designed a Product Locator solution. This allows them to search and locate over 30,000 products in-store. The solution, on an MPK, also allows customers to print recipes – listing all the ingredients, their aisle and section – making collecting dinner ingredients easy.