The Abuzz Analytics portal delivers deep insights, current data and flexible options to view what is important to you. Your Abuzz data is valuable, we want to be sure you get the most out of it.

Learn what happened in your centre and what your customers were doing.

Abuzz Analytics are designed to help with your monthly reporting needs and are a great indicator of how your centre performed during the period. At the start of each month you will see activity for the previous full month and can track changes compared to a previous period. Abuzz data is commonly used alongside monthly sales reports, traffic counts, WiFi activity and social media interactions.

You can also gain insight into customer experience by looking at amenity, parking and services searches. This information can help uncover potential issues with customer experience as well as identifying opportunities to improve experiences in the future.

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Who Uses Abuzz Analytics?

Marketing managers love Abuzz Analytics because it allows them to measure performance of the centre. They can track overall usage, as well as changes with individual tenants, giving them insight into the effectiveness of campaigns and centre initiatives.

Retail and leasing managers can use the data to see activity within store categories to help determine the ideal tenancy mix.

Customer service managers can review customer experience and identify opportunities for improving experiences in the future.

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