The beautifully re-imagined Eastland shopping centre is now a shining star at the heart of a modern community hub. Designed for the future, the centre demanded the latest in wayfinding technology. Abuzz answered with a brand new Pinnacle directory solution.

Case Study - Eastland Case Study - Eastland
Name Eastland
Owner QIC
Location Melbourne, Victoria
No. Levels 3
No. Tenants 200+
Directory Type Pinnacle
No. Directories 23
Solutions Wayfinder

The doubled-sided Pinnacle directories perfectly match the angular architectural style found throughout the centre. They were a welcome change from the previous solution, which too often left customers dissatisfied and frustrated. The old solution wasn’t inherently bad, the problem however, was that each component (hardware, technology and software) was provided by a separate vendor. This meant that diagnosis and rectification of issues was problematic and it was never clear who was responsible. The end result was a poor customer experience, with blank screens and non-responsive units.

With Abuzz there is just one company responsible for everything. Our customers and our customers customers can rest assured that issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

In most cases, interactive directories are there to compliment and support fixed wayfinding. At Eastland; the directories are part of the fixed wayfinding. Whilst in screensaver mode; each unit displays location specific static directional wayfinding (arrows) to amenities and major tenants. Physical wayfinding can be costly and complex to update, with a digital solution it is fast and cost-effective.

Case Study - Eastland Directory

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