Paragon shopping centre is a glistening jewel on Orchard road, offering designer luxury to sophisticated shoppers.

Case Study - Paragon Case Study - Paragon
Name Paragon
Owner Orchard 290 Ltd
Location Singapore
No. Levels 6
No. Tenants 200+
Directory Type Edge
No. Directories 12
Solutions Wayfinder
Concierge 1

In 2013 Abuzz had an opportunity to provide Paragon shoppers with seamless navigation around the beautifully presented mall. Unfortunately, the operators selected a lower cost solution, not realising it would never meet the expectations of tenants and shoppers. Within 12 months of the deployment, Abuzz was contacted to replace the competitor product.

The team at Paragon had come to learn that the wayfinding solution from Abuzz is far more than just what you see on the screen. The admin and media systems allowed for easy management of imagery and searchable content, with real-time updates and powerful analytics providing insight into customer behaviour. This is something they only came to value when it was not present in the system they first chose.

We are pleased that the operators of Paragon are now happy but imagine they would have been happier still had they selected Abuzz’s premium solution in the first place.

Case Study - Paragon Directory

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