Tai Po Mega Mall

The Tai Po Mega Mall marketing team identified a need for better wayfinding and more innovative and progressive digital signage for in-centre promotion and advertising. Abuzz’s Wayfinder product was the perfect solution!

Case Study - Tai Po Case Study - Tai Po
Name Tai Po Mega Mall
Owner Sun Hung Kai Properties
Location Tai Po, Hong Kong
No. Levels 2
No. Tenants 150+
Directory Type Jade
No. Directories 7
Solutions Wayfinder

The site is one of our largest yet, spanning five buildings over almost two kilometres. The various SHKP stakeholders had strong input into the directory design, providing multiple samples and participating in lengthy discussions around shape, functionality, and colour. The resulting brilliant design fit perfectly with the centre and satisfied all parties involved, including marketing, centre management and the consultancy team.

One stand-out feature of the units is the beautiful individual colour applied to both the screen frame and user interface of each directory. This began with a client-provided sample image of colourful Apple iPods and the final colours match that of the zone in the centre where each unit is located. The bright colours therefore have both a practical and aesthetic function in the centre.

Another impressive feature of the directory design is its almost seamless construction. There are little to no joins visible across the entire surface area, even the service access panel is completely concealed. This required extreme accuracy during design and production of the units and the resulting appearance is highly impressive.

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