Edge Directory

Multi-award winning; our most popular directory.

With the highest quality materials and finishes, the Edge is a timeless design that complements any public space.

Good Design AwardReceiving an Australian Design Award for its initial design, the directory has since evolved to a point where it is truly a hallmark of digital wayfinding. With a sleek automotive grade finish and confident angles, the Edge stands proud in close to 500 locations globally.

The angled face of the Edge uses clear semantics to entice customers to interact with it, setting it apart from other static signage. Featuring a robust Abuzz-invented double-hinge door system, the front panel of the unit can be securely opened for quick service and maintenance access.

One of the reasons for the Edge’s popularity is its customisation options. The colour of the finish can be chosen and the rear panel can incorporate optional digital or static signage to maximise communication opportunities. As well as this, a backlit information sign can be fitted to the unit to increase visibility.

The Edge is our most tried-and-tested unit, and a solid choice for any environment.

Directory Hardware - Edge Indooroopilly

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