Flint Directory

Sculptural and modern, a superior design for premium spaces and centres.

The Flint Directory is designed to complement modern retail environments where curves dominate.

It features a stunning white monolithic form and a sculptural, artisan-crafted enclosure that looks good from any angle. The innovative design is both practical and functional whilst also maintaining a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.

The flush-mounted touch glass nested in the directory enclosure gives a seamless finish with no visible fasteners. It features a hidden access system that provides secure yet fast access to internal compartments for service. This also enables convection driven airflow through the kiosk, supplying adequate cooling without fans.

Good Design AwardMade from the same material used in kitchen bench tops, it is solid and cool to touch as well as easy to clean and maintain. In 2014 it won an Australian Good Design Award, being recognised for design excellence.

Directory Hardware - Flint iAPM

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