Portrait, landscape, or a custom design? Your Wayfinder solution begins with the right hardware.

Directory Hardware - Portrait


  • Highly visible from distance
  • Clarity for media and advertising
  • Rear-face digital signage options
Directory Hardware - Landscape


  • Orientation familiar to users
  • Retain sightlines in large spaces
  • More privacy for customers
Directory Hardware - Existing


  • Refined, reliable designs
  • Serviceable and cost-effective
  • Colour and finish options
Directory Hardware - Custom


  • Match interiors and signage
  • Custom colour and finish
  • Powered by Abuzz Module

Abuzz has over ten years’ experience designing digital directories and in excess of 1,000 units installed worldwide.

Wayfinder Directory Hardware

Our Design Philosophy

We guarantee our hardware will provide an outstanding experience for your customers and perform seamlessly with our Wayfinder application product.

The right choice

Choosing the correct hardware for your needs, budget and spaces will maximise the effectiveness of your Wayfinder solution.

Portrait or Landscape?

Are advertising and media important? Or do you have a requirement to keep spaces open and with good lines of sight?

Existing or Custom?

Work with our award-winning industrial design team and design your own bespoke kiosk, or choose one of our existing models to perfectly compliment your centre or space.

Start building your solution. Contact us today