Give your patrons a premium experience with Abuzz Wayfinders in your casino.

Casino Wayfinding
Casino Wayfinding
Casino Wayfinding

Casino Wayfinding

With unparalleled customer service and hospitality, casinos are prime locations for Abuzz Wayfinder directories. Allow your guests to quickly locate gaming floors, entertainment, food & beverage, accommodation, services, facilities, and more. With the convenience of a few touches, patrons can find the destinations they are interested in with ease.

Allow your customer service team to focus on important guest needs and reduce the amount of navigation questions they receive. Popular destinations can be made easily accessible right from the directory homepage, or you can promote new or less obvious destinations.

In addition to providing convenient wayfinding services, the directories could also be used to host in-house competitions or loyalty services.

Media Opportunities

Abuzz digital directories provide a simple and effective medium for communicating with your guests. The built-in Media Services system allows management to quickly schedule and distribute digital posters and video throughout the casino. Messaging, promotions and advertising are all possible and managed by our web-based administration tool.

Casino Solutions

Other solutions that compliment casino Wayfinder solutions include:

MAPP™ Mobile Wayfinding
Media Screens
Cloud Maps
Public WiFi
Level Directories
Concierge Directories

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