Libraries contain huge amounts of content and multiple facilities. Abuzz Wayfinder directories ensure visitors can quickly locate the information they require.

Library Wayfinding
Library Wayfinding
Library Wayfinding

Library Wayfinding

Modern libraries have grown in complexity over the past years and are now home to a wide range of media and facilities. These include computer work stations, study spaces, meeting rooms, printers and copiers, books, maps, multimedia, journals and more. This usually results in libraries spanning multiple levels or covering a broad area. Abuzz Wayfinder directories can assist visitors to quickly locate items and spaces within the library, all with a few silent touches of the touchscreen.

Every visitor to the library is different, and Abuzz Wayfinder directories can cater to all types of people by categorising information and prioritising the display. Major keyword and category searches can be used for common items such as books and journals. Popular destinations such as study spaces and meeting rooms can have separate pages with simple navigation and facilities can be presented conveniently for quick access.

Media Opportunities

Another advantage of digital directories is the ability to display large-scale media communications such as posters or video. Library services can be promoted, bringing awareness to new or under utilised facilities. Other information such as open hours or general library messages can be uploaded easily via the Web-based administration system.

Library Solutions

Other solutions that compliment library Wayfinder directories include:

MAPP™ Mobile Wayfinding
Media Screens
Cloud Maps
Public WiFi
Concierge Directories

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