Our solutions are built on powerful search technology.

Abuzz Wayfinder Application - Search By Type

Some customers like typing the name of a store, brand or product.

Abuzz Wayfinder Application - Search By Category

Others prefer browsing through categories of shop types or specials.

Abuzz Wayfinder Application - Maps

There’s magic in the maps

We have perfected the process of creating simple intuitive maps that display magnificently on large-format digital screens.

Some of our method is technical and some of it is about brilliant design, but it’s mostly about customer experience.

Directions in your language

The Abuzz Wayfinder application has been translated into over 20 different languages including all major European and Asian variants. This makes directions accessible to everyone and means no customer is left behind.

A primary language can be set as the default, and customers can quickly switch languages right from the homepage of the application. Our designers take time to ensure all translations are clear and that the application style is consistent.

Abuzz Wayfinder Application - Multi-language

Abuzz Wayfinder Application - Keyword Search

Find anything with Keyword Search

Keyword Search is an Abuzz innovation that allows customers to complete detailed searches that go beyond the names of stores and destinations. Common types include products, brands, categories, and services. It is also a great way of including alternate names for destinations, such as CK for Calvin Klein.

Each search destination can have up to 20 additional keywords and Abuzz can provide bank of common words to help get you started. The feature is available in any language and can be managed through our online administration system.

App full of features! Click here to see more.

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