Cloud Maps

Take control of all your digital mediums and simplify administration.

We know you will love your new Abuzz directory maps and you will be pleased to know they don’t end with touchscreen directories! Abuzz maps are dynamic and can be used for many applications such as mobile, website and more.

Your customers’ shopping journey begins at home, and with Abuzz Cloud Maps you can present consistent directional information, taking control of their experience.

Abuzz provide an API that supports the display of tenant lists, categories and more on your website. The API makes the task easy and ensures data is always current and consistent.

Abuzz Cloud Maps

Abuzz Cloud Maps - Centralised Administration

Centralised Administration

The best part is that all Abuzz maps update through a centralised administration system. You make a change once and all your Abuzz maps update simultaneously: directory, mobile, and website.

Abuzz Cloud Maps - Consistent Customer Experience

Consistent Customer Experience

Abuzz Cloud Maps - Abuzz Web API

Abuzz Web API

Abuzz Cloud Maps - Dynamic Display Options

Dynamic Display Options

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