Concierge Screens

The perfect addition to your busy concierge desk.

Abuzz Concierge Screens

Concierge screens bring the Abuzz Wayfinder experience to your concierge desk. Their role is to reduce congestion and allow staff more time to focus on customers' needs, rather than simply providing directions.

Screens can be mounted using a choice of Abuzz-customised fixtures or integrated into the desk itself. Abuzz provides ergonomic data to determine which height and angle is most suitable for specific desks or countertops.

Abuzz Concierge Screens - Reduce Congestion

Reduce Congestion

Abuzz Concierge Screens - Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Abuzz Concierge Screens - Centralised Administration

Centralised Administration

Abuzz Concierge Screens - Custom Hardware Options

Custom Hardware Options

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