MAPP™ Mobile Wayfinding

All the great features from your directories available on mobile!

With advances in indoor positioning, specifically the ability to locate one’s position in real time to within two to five metres, the Abuzz Wayfinder experience is now available on Android and IOS smartphone devices.

Give your customers the freedom to seek directions wherever they are and with the comfort of their own mobile phone.

Abuzz MAPP™ Mobile Application

MAPP™ Highlights

Abuzz MAPP™ Mobile - Knows Your Position

Knows Your Position

MAPP™ tracks users' position horizontally and vertically working over multiple levels throughout the users journey.

Abuzz MAPP™ Mobile - Proximity Alerts

Proximity Alerts

Sales and offers relevant to the user's search are revealed along the path, triggered by their proximity to stores. The user can choose to either ignore and continue on their route or investigate the offer by clicking on the icon.

Abuzz MAPP™ Mobile - Find Your Car

Find Your Car

Many customers dread searching for their car after a day of shopping. MAPP™ makes this easy with our built in “Save your park” facility.

Abuzz MAPP™ Mobile - Centralised Management

Centralised Management

MAPP™ runs off the same administration system as your directory solution and changes are instantly available to all customers.

Abuzz MAPP™ Mobile - Usage Statistics

Usage Statistics

Receive insightful usage statistics showing what your customers are searching for. Stores, categories, products, brands, facilities and more.

Abuzz MAPP™ Mobile - Full of Features

Full of Features

All of the features you love on your centre directories are available on mobile with MAPP™: Brand integration, intuitive search, accessible route, ATM search, multilingual support plus much more.

Abuzz brings the Google maps experience to the indoors.

Mobile Plug-in

Abuzz has implemented its mobile solution as a plug-in add-on for mobile applications. This means that an existing application or new a application being developed for a shopping mall, could be enhanced with the addition of wayfinding including real time positioning.

The primary function of the application plug-in is to provide the ability to perform wayfinding to the host application. The plug-in enables the host application to obtain information regarding positioning within the centre, as well as information regarding destinations such as tenants and amenities. The plug-in also provides the ability to display maps of the current centre, with appropriate pathing information overlaid.

The use of the plug-in is structured to provide the host application access to a rich layer of information via an Application Programming Interface (API), while leaving it free to render the information out to the user in a style and manner consistent with the rest of its own user interface.

Abuzz MAPP™ Mobile - Plug-in

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