Public WiFi

Offer free public WiFi with site-wide coverage.

Abuzz Public WiFi

Abuzz Public WiFi is a flexible solution that offers your customers free internet with full-site coverage or access from specific locations. Authenticated through a secure login screen and agreement to the terms and conditions, Abuzz Public WiFi provides a reliable internet connection for customer mobile devices.

The software is fully customisable with branded login screens. After logging in, customers are directed to a web page of your choice and may then browse until they reach a usage limit set by management. The signal can be distributed using the same network as your directories, reducing the need for additional infrastructure.

Our reporting platform provides customer data including usage, time spent in the centre and number of customers logging in over a time period. Abuzz install, manage and support the service – a genuine alternative to often costly investment in WiFi for your customers.

Abuzz Public WiFi - Branded Login Page

Branded Login Page

Abuzz Public WiFi - Centre-Wide Coverage

Centre-Wide Coverage

Abuzz Public WiFi - Existing Infrastructure

Existing Infrastructure

Abuzz Public WiFi - Usage Reporting

Usage Reporting

Abuzz Public WiFi - Centralised Support

Centralised Support

Abuzz Public WiFi - Cost Effective

Cost Effective

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